Overcome the Frustration of Lacking Support and Scattered Strategies

Unlock Consistent Growth, Peace & Profit with our All-In-One Marketing Solution for Online Business Owners, Coaches, and Course Creators

You know you need to be focused on creatively building your business & resourcing your audience…

But you’re feeling drained by the busywork, overwhelmed by the idea of managing and growing a team, and distracted by all of the things you are supposed to be doing to grow your business.

Imagine being able to outsource the busy without worrying that your growth & mission would be compromised. It's our goal to:

Make sure people see your value through captivating design

Feel seen & heard through compelling storytelling

See that the job gets done without breaking the bank

Stop struggling with your marketing efforts and start scaling your online business with our proven, all-in-one marketing strategy and implementation service for online business owners, coaches, and course creators.

you might be asking yourself...

How is a Strategic Business Marketer different than a Virtual Assistant?

➤ Strategic Business Marketers have expertise in the full range of marketing your business — Content Creation, Conversion Strategy, Technical Skills, and more. 

➤ Strategic Business Marketers specialize in strategy and the full scope of implementation. We track growth and streamline processes.

➤ Strategic Business Marketers provide team members so you have only ONE person to communicate with and your entire vision comes to life.

➤ Strategic Business Marketers can acclimate to current team members and keep up with training, organization, and team performance so your business is always running in alignment with your standards and vision

When we work together, you get:

Meet Dani and Chelsea

We’re the dynamic duo behind Launch House & Co! Despite being complete opposites, we’re the best of friends and the most loyal support system you could ask for. Our collective experience and expertise spans conversion copywriting and design, marketing strategy, operations, and more!

About 8 years ago, on the fly, we decided to build a website and start a business to bring our individual goals into reality. Dani had just had a miracle baby and wanted so much to stay home with her, while Chelsea was itching to break free from the corporate grind and live life with more freedom. We made it happen.

Fast forward to today and here we are providing expert support and strategy to 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs just like you! We’re experts at what we do and partner with our clients every day to achieve that next tier of profitability, visibility, and success. Let’s do this!

Are you ready for support, clarity, and growth?

Our monthly support packages begin at $1300