five days to launch clarity!


We aren’t just going to be throwing a bunch of hypothetical fluffy stuff, they are actually going to be actionable and implementable (this doesn’t feel like a word but it totally is. We googled it) things!

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Our goal is that this free challenge will provide more value than the last 5 things you purchased!

We will give you action steps each day so that you can actually apply what you are learning AS you are learning it. 

day One

Mindset & Prep

Launches start way before open cart. Both in preparation practically and mentally. 
(even for the pros)

day TWO

A Different Approach to Copy

We are talking psychology and words today, friend… (Because good design will cause people to look but COPY is what converts them to fans)

day THree

Design + Tech

Your launch design is about WAY more than just a pretty page.

It’s time to make a first impression with your audience and it’s happening right there on your landing page.

day four

Comparison and Simplification

This launch secret will free you from the need to be a copycat.

day five

Relationship & Visibility

Don’t launch and ghost… we are always in a launch phase.

Meet dani & chelsea

Your guides to a PROFITABLE launch!

We’re Dani & Chelsea- best friends, complete opposites, and probably the most loyal friend group you could be a part of. (Enneagram 6 & 2 here so you can’t be any more supported than you are as our friend lol) 

Over 6 years ago we were sitting in the living room and building a website because Dani had a newborn miracle baby and a dream to stay home with her. Chelsea also wanted to be more independent and have the freedom to break out of the monotony of corporate and maybe add a few trips to Disney a year to her to-dos.

Today, we have a full agency and it’s been the most incredible experience to see a simple goal turn into a business that gets to support women each and every day (clients and team alike).

And, that’s where you come in. We are here to help you achieve as much of our success as you want.