You’ve got big dreams, ambitious goals, and a deep burning desire to creat an impact for those you feel called to serve.

We hear you… we SEE you, and we’re here to speed up your launch success- – and ditch the feelings of drowning a sea of overwhelm and decisions. 

Welcome to the future of your business- – and it all happens within 90 days.

Cohort Starts June 15th

The Launch Lab Cohort isn’t just another program you have to slog through alone. Gone are the days of hoping to find nuggets of wisdom in a sea of generic advice.

We’re not handing you a manual and wishing you luck. In fact, we are buckling up for the ride right alongside you, steering you each step of the way.

This is a ‘done-with-you’ experience


A one-of-a-kind group of like-minded resourcers that builds out your offer, funnel, and launch plan with step-by-step handholding. It’s a done-with-you process that gives you a fully guided, audited, and finessed marketing plan and offers countless opportunities to help you build relationships that will lift you up & highlight your worth.

Our next Cohort starts June 15th

(Just in time for the dreamiest launch season… FALL!)

When Doors Open, the Investment Will Be:


per month for 3 months


pay in full

Here's a glimpse at what we'll cover in the cohort:

✨ Crafting Irresistible Offers: We’ll dive deep into the heart of your offer to ensure it not only aligns with your vision, but resonates deeply with your audience, making it truly irresistible.

✨ Authentic Launch Strategies: Say goodbye to copy-paste strategies. We’re going to help you build a unique, authentic launch strategy that’s as unique as your brand and as powerful as your vision.

✨ Powerful Community Support: You’re not alone on this journey. You’ll be part of a vibrant tribe of fellow dreamers and doers, all cheering each other on, sharing insights, and celebrating wins.

✨ Mindset Mastery: Success is as much about mindset as it is about strategy. We’ll work on cultivating a powerful, positive mindset that allows you to break through barriers and reach new heights.

Kind Words From Clients

"They are a dream team and I’m proud to have them… and share them!"

"Launch House + Co. has been on my extended team for several years. Chelsea & Dani are full of integrity, thoughtful, and are professionals in their disciplines and craft. I never worry about the quality, tardiness, or independent thought and creative ideas when I work with them. They are in my referral directory because of the amazing humans they are as well as the outstanding product they provide The Ops Authority."

- Natalie Gingrich
Founder of The Ops Authority

Meet Dani and Chelsea

We’re the dynamic duo behind Launch House & Co! Despite being complete opposites, we’re the best of friends and the most loyal support system you could ask for. Our collective experience and expertise spans conversion copywriting and design, marketing strategy, operations, and more!

About 8 years ago, on the fly, we decided to build a website and start a business to bring our individual goals into reality. Dani had just had a miracle baby and wanted so much to stay home with her, while Chelsea was itching to break free from the corporate grind and live life with more freedom. We made it happen.

Fast forward to today and here we are providing expert support and strategy to 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs just like you! We’re experts at what we do and partner with our clients every day to achieve that next tier of profitability, visibility, and success. Let’s do this!