Build profit without losing peace

You need Maximum Profit with Minimum Stress

You’re already pressed for time & at borderline burnout. Our goal: more profits & less anxiety for YOU! We bring proven methods that are tailored for the 6-7 Figure business owner ready for confidence in long-term success. So, let’s get you back to achieving your goals… AND enjoying your life.

Running a business shouldn't be complicated

Let's help you take control of your business so you can focus on what really matters - achieving your goals & enjoying life.


Stop the Launch Drama

Funnel in a Day

with 1 Month of Launch Support

Gone are the days of having enough time to stretch a funnel build thru 8-weeks and 6 opinionated voices from your team members, peers, or (heck) the ones in your head. 

Our Funnel in a Day is as easy as 3-2-1 Launch. Three forms, 2 days, and 1 month of Launch Support. Stop stressin’ and let’s get your offer offered.


You don't need a team... You need a day

Marketing in a Day

Plus a 'Map Out Your Year' Strategy Session

Copywriters, designers, administrators… *eye roll*! Don’t get us wrong, we love a team. But, sometimes you just need to Get. It. Done. Our Marketing in a Day Package comes with 1 Year of Strategic Mapping and creation & scheduling of your next quarters marketing assets. No chaos, just strategic peace of mind.


increase profits + peace

Strategic Business Marketing

As a 6-7 Figure business owner you need a right arm. Around here, you get a right arm AND a left arm to provide educated oversight over the marketing, systemization, and optimization of your business. With our combined 15+ years of experience in design, copywriting, tech integration, launches, and profitable business strategy our super power is our ability to cover all of your marketing & keep you moving forward with more profit and less anxiety.

Kind Words From Clients

"They are a dream team and I’m proud to have them… and share them!"

"Launch House + Co. has been on my extended team for several years. Chelsea & Dani are full of integrity, thoughtful, and are professionals in their disciplines and craft. I never worry about the quality, tardiness, or independent thought and creative ideas when I work with them. They are in my referral directory because of the amazing humans they are as well as the outstanding product they provide The Ops Authority."

- Natalie Gingrich
Founder of The Ops Authority

Our Mission

To market your business, manage your growth, elevate your launch, and achieve your goals through boundary-led business.

The Hustle Shift Podcast

Running a business doesn’t have to lead to burnout! It can be fun, fulfilling, and at YOUR pace! We share behind-the-scenes tips, trends, and strategies to launch & grow a business at a profitable rate on your term. If you like to laugh, learn, and believe hustle culture is a joke- – then joined The Hustle Shift movement!

Meet Dani + Chelsea

Helping 6-7 Figure Business Owners run Boundary Led Businesses... that Profit!

With a combined experience of over 15 years in Business Growth Strategy and 6-7 figure Funnel Models for the ready-to-launch business owner, they are the go-to resources for those looking to grow their businesses sustainably with a boundry-led business model and thrive in their industry as they make waves with their resources.
But don’t be fooled by their professional credentials – they are two of the most approachable women you’ll ever work with and have an excited approach to life and leverage their creativity when working with transformational CEO’s. When it comes to taking your business to the next level -The Launch House + Co. is your hub!


Years of experience in Marketing Strategy


clients helped throughout career




Students in our courses

Get it Done Day

You choose your hours and you have our brains for the day. Get-It-Done-Day is our Voxer Hosted Strategy & Support package. You ask. We answer. You get it done. Whatever IT is.

1:1 Social Marketing Strategy & Implementation

Quarterly strategy for all of your visibility verticals on Social Media. We give you the check-list, ideas, and best practices for visibility and growth from IG to Tiktok.

The Launch Lab Cohort

A unique opportunity to build your funnel, collaborate on ideas, and build promotion partners in an intimate cohort dedicated to helping you build your program funnel and feel confident in your launch plan.

Work with us

Not sure what you need?

That’s okay! Our application process is designed to help you navigate your needs through our offers. We don’t work with everyone and we’ll never suggest a service that isn’t right for your stage of business. Fill out the application and, if we think there is potential we’ll reach out with next steps.

Our Popular How-To Posts

Curious how to do something in your business? We cover actionable how-tos for the motivated CEO. Don’t see the how-to you need? Find the form at the top of the page and request it. We’ll write it up for you and email you personally when it’s ready!