What if you could be ready to launch in just 2 Days?

It’s as simple as 3-2-1 LAUNCH, with our white-glove service…

This is a high-energy experience that will have you ready for launch using our simple process of creating beautifully branded, well-connected, and profitable funnels in...
3-2-1 LAUNCH!


3 Onboarding Forms

You’ll start with 3 forms that will ensure all content is ready for your funnel and we are clear on your aesthetic, goals, and the full scope of your offer.


2 Collaboration Days

We’ll then spend 1 Day building out your funnel and checking in via Voxer (a walkie-talkie app) as we send pieces over for review.

Day 2 is just for revising & hopping on a call to make sure you are ready to launch.


1 Month of Support

After your funnel is ready we’ll be available to you for the full month following your White-Glove VIP day and we’ll support you during your month of launching

Only 2 Spots Available per Month

Okay, tell us this doesn’t sound like you:

Well then, have I got news for you…

We support our 6 & 7-figure clients everyday by being the solutions to every YOU statement above!

And, if you’re anything like them, you probably know that:

You can be the clog in the progress pipeline

We pull all the goodness out of your brain and remove the clog so you can see the needle move forward in your business

People care about design and sales copy and know it’s more than just throwing spaghetti words at the wall and hoping people buy

We bring the design, structure for copy, and help you create something that, not only are you proud to promote, but has the potential to convert into profits.

There are people who are WAITING for your offer.

You just have to get the thing built. That’s why our 3-2-1 process is perfect. It makes it simple, creates the sales flow, and gives you the support you need to launch with confidence.

So what we're saying is this...

Funnel in a Day really is as good as it sounds (actually better)

Only 2 Spots Available per Month

How do you know this is right for you?

You’re a coach that is ready to have an automated sales flow that brings in the clients you are called to serve

You’re a course creator that knows what you wanna teach but need a structure that nurtures leads into paying clients

You’re an entrepreneur creating a new product/offer and you want to level-up your launch flow without having to spend 90 days in a launch plan.

Meet Dani and Chelsea

We’re the dynamic duo behind Launch House & Co! Despite being complete opposites, we’re the best of friends and the most loyal support system you could ask for. Our collective experience and expertise spans conversion copywriting and design, marketing strategy, operations, and more!

About 8 years ago, on the fly, we decided to build a website and start a business to bring our individual goals into reality. Dani had just had a miracle baby and wanted so much to stay home with her, while Chelsea was itching to break free from the corporate grind and live life with more freedom. We made it happen.

Fast forward to today and here we are providing expert support and strategy to 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs just like you! We’re experts at what we do and partner with our clients every day to achieve that next tier of profitability, visibility, and success. Let’s do this!

Why did we create Funnel in Day?

Simply put...

What happens when you book a Funnel-In-A-Day with us?

Step 1:

The Get-to-Know-You Call

We hop on a 60-90 minute call where you spill all the details of your offer. We want to hear what you’re most excited about, what questions you have, and where you are stuck so we can give you the tools to get un-stuck and clear on your offer.

Step 2:

You fill out the 3 forms

Our forms are designed to provide direction for you and us regarding the 3 core elements of your funnel:
Copy | Design | Strategy

Step 3:

Book your funnel build day

This is where the fun REALLY heats up!

Step 4:

We Build

We spend Day 1 building your funnel and sending each element over to you for review as completed! 

Step 5:

The Edits Happen

On Day 2, we add in the final touches that you ask for and get you ready for LAUNCH!

Step 5:

Debrief and Plan Launch Month

We’ll hop on a call and go over the full funnel and the next month’s launch plan. And then we say… 3-2-1 LAUNCH!

What’s included in your funnel?



One Time Payment

opt-in design
opt-in landing page
e-learning platform build
sales page design
thank you page design
abandon cart pop-up
opt-in nurture sequence setup
sales email automation setup
setup of a low ticket offer for non-buyers
promo graphic design: 6 story & 6 feed
ad graphic design



One Time Payment

And, when you book a Funnel-In-A-Day you’ll also get:

2-month Launch Calendar (covering pre-launch & launch)

Our Step-by-Step Offer Building Guide

You Gotta SHIFT to S.H.I.F.T Course which helps build the right mindset for a 6 & 7-Figure entrepreneur

Our PDF Resource
Guide to Easy Promotion

Only 2 Spots Available per Month

If you’ve read this far then we know you’re ready.

You want...

There is so much joy on the other side of your Funnel

We'll see you inside...