About us

You don't need a regular strategist. You need educated oversight & able integrators.

The most powerful thing behind the machine that is Launch House + Co. is the brains of the women who run it! 

Sparking innovation through collaboration

Unlock the power of our partnership & achieve your goals & hold your boundaries faster & easier!

As a pair of ladies running a business we COULD tell you that we partner with women in business to help them manage their day-to-day and grow their businesses with authentic strategy. And that would be true. It is true. But we want to break that down a bit further for you.

We are Dani & Chelsea and our heartbeat is to empower women with everything we put our mind and hands to do.

As a mom, Dani is raising three strong girls who are bound to shake things up in the world. Together we encourage them to grow, do, and dream of something that’s not been seen yet.

As friends we prove that two women can build each other up, value individual strengths, celebrate day-to-day life, and run a successful business together.

Our Mission

To market your business, manage your growth, elevate your launch, and achieve your goals through boundary-led business.









Dive behind the screen

Our core values:

We always aim to operate our own company and support our clients in building boundary led businesses, putting collaboration and communication first, and prioritizing purpose over profit.

Our favorite things:

Dani: Her 3 Little Girls & Funny Ginger Hubby, Pink Drinks, and YouTube Craft Videos
Chelsea: Her Golden Retriever BF, Chai Tea, Home Decor TV Shows, and Star Wars

Some fun facts:

We moved across the country from Florida to California mid 2020 pandemic together!

Kind Words From Clients

"You'll rate these ladies 5* stars too!"

As a business owner, I need professionalism, high attention to details, creativity and flexibility. So for me, Launch House & Co. continually meet my needs and the needs of my clients who they’ve now worked for. If you aren’t engaging with Launch House & Co., then maybe these things aren’t your priority. [Just kidding – you need to work with them – they are incredible!] Winnie Elbl, Lemon & Gingr

- Winnie Elbl
Lemon & Gingr

Work with US

Get-It-Done Day

You choose your hours and you have our brains for the day. Get-It-Done-Day is our Voxer Hosted Strategy & Support package. You ask. We answer. You get it done. Whatever IT is.